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Yellow Tail Blenny

Written by Ben Javu Dec 21, 2022 ยท 5 min read
Yellow Tail Blenny

Blenny tail yellow size

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If you’re a marine lover looking to add some color and spunk to your tank, you might have come across the yellow tail blenny. With its vivid hues and playful personality, this small fish can add life to any aquarium. But before you take the plunge and introduce a yellow tail blenny to your habitat, you might want to learn about the basics of caring for this fish and the do’s and don’ts.

Challenges of Keeping Yellow Tail Blenny

One of the first things to be mindful of when considering a yellow tail blenny is their territorial nature. These fish can display aggressive behavior towards other blennies, so it’s best to keep them in reef systems and tanks with other fish that don’t pose a threat. Common tank mate choices include small tangs, gobies, and clownfish.

Target of Yellow Tail Blenny

Yellow tail blennies are an excellent choice for novice saltwater enthusiasts looking to add variety to their tanks. They are easy to feed and will relish in almost any food source presented to them, including live, frozen, and flake food. Yellow tail blennies are often compared to cleaner shrimp, and their willingness to groom and pick the parasites off other large fish is always an added bonus.

Summary of Yellow Tail Blenny Care

If you’re considering adding a yellow tail blenny to your tank, it’s important to know that they require a stable environment with moderate water movement and lighting. These fish are also natural burrowers and will enjoy a substrate that allows them to burrow and hide. While yellow tail blennies have certain challenges that come with their care, they can be an exciting and lively addition to any saltwater aquarium.

Yellow Tail Blenny Target and Characteristics

Yellow tail blennies, also known as Escenius Lividanalis, are a small fish species with a vibrant personality. The fish, as the name suggests, has a bright yellow tail fin, while the body is usually blue or greenish-blue, with a few black spots. Growing up to 4 inches, they make a perfect addition to smaller saltwater tanks. My first experience with yellow tail blennies was when my brother, a marine enthusiast, brought them home. I was fascinated by how playful and active they were, yet how easy they were to care for.

Taking Care of Yellow Tail Blenny

The yellow tail blenny requires a stable and consistent environment to thrive, so monitoring the temperature and the pH regularly is a must. Also, since they love to burrow and hide, having a sandy substrate is important. I recommend having rock shelters in the tank and leaving some free space for them to swim around. Yellow tail blennies are not finicky eaters and will welcome a balanced diet of frozen and live food.

Choosing the Right Tank Mates for Yellow Tail Blenny

When it comes to tank mates, yellow tail blennies can be aggressive with other blennies, so keeping them with non-aggressive fish is the best bet. Excellent options are clownfish, small tangs, and gobies. Also, since they have a habit of pecking on others, it’s not advisable to keep them with shy, slow-moving fish or invertebrates.

Question and Answer

Q: Can yellow tail blennies swim well?

A: Yes, yellow tail blennies are excellent swimmers and love exploring their environment. They are known to be some of the most playful fish species and can be seen darting in and out of crevices and hiding spots in the tank.

Q: Are yellow tail blennies reef safe?

A: Yes, yellow tail blennies are reef safe and usually don’t cause harm to corals and other invertebrates in the tank. However, it’s still important to keep in mind that they are territorial and may attack other blennies and smaller fish.

Q: What do yellow tail blennies eat?

A: Yellow tail blennies are not picky eaters and will thrive on a combination of live, frozen, and flake food. A balanced diet of high-quality pellets and frozen krill or brine shrimp should suffice.

Q: What is the best size tank for yellow tail blennies?

A: Yellow tail blennies can thrive in small tanks, making them an ideal choice for novice enthusiasts. A tank with at least 20 gallons of water is ideal for one or a pair of yellow tail blennies.


In conclusion, yellow tail blennies are an excellent choice for novice saltwater enthusiasts that are looking to add vibrancy and personality to their tanks. With their playful nature and burrowing habits, they make an exciting addition to any home aquarium. It’s important to choose the right tank mates and provide a stable environment with the right pH and lighting conditions for them to thrive. And most importantly, enjoy watching them dart in and out of the rock shelters as they explore their new environment.

Flametail Blenny - Enchelyurus Flavipes

Flametail Blenny - Enchelyurus flavipes
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TOP 50 Yellow Tail Blenny - Ecsenius Namiyei

![TOP 50 Yellow Tail Blenny - Ecsenius namiyei]( Choice/large/blenny2_110131_PS.jpg)
Photo Credit by: / blenny tail yellow size

Yellowtail Blenny

Yellowtail Blenny
Photo Credit by: / blenny fish blennies yellowtail sustainable aquatics alchetron

Yellow Tail Midas Blenny - Aquatics To Your Door

Yellow Tail Midas Blenny - Aquatics To Your Door
Photo Credit by: / midas blenny yellow tail gobies blennies wishlist aquaticstoyourdoor add dragonets

Yellow Tail Midas Blenny (Escenius Lividanalis) | Marine World Aquatics

Yellow Tail Midas Blenny (Escenius lividanalis) | Marine World Aquatics
Photo Credit by: / blenny bicolor midas ecsenius

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