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Ruby Shark

Written by Ban Javo Dec 09, 2022 ยท 4 min read
Ruby Shark

Shark rainbow freshwater female females tailfins given think their aquariums

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If you’re looking to add a unique and striking fish to your aquarium, look no further than the ruby shark. This colorful and active fish is a popular choice for both novice and experienced aquarists alike.

Before diving into the details of the ruby shark, it’s important to be aware of potential pain points related to caring for this species. For example, ruby sharks can be aggressive towards other fish, so it’s important to carefully select tankmates. Additionally, they require a well-maintained aquarium with plenty of hiding spots and adequate filtration.

Answering the Target of Ruby Shark

The ruby shark, also known as the rainbow shark or red-finned shark, is a freshwater fish native to Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is a hardy species that can live up to 8 years in captivity.

Summary of Main Points

In summary, the ruby shark is a colorful and active freshwater fish that requires specific care to thrive in an aquarium. While it can be an aggressive species, it can coexist with the right tankmates and adequate hiding spots. Keeping the aquarium well-maintained is key to ensuring the long-term health of the ruby shark.

Personal Experience with Ruby Shark

When I first added a ruby shark to my aquarium, I was struck by its stunning coloration and energetic swimming. However, I quickly learned that it could be aggressive towards other fish, leading me to carefully select compatible tankmates. With proper care, my ruby shark has been a beautiful and captivating addition to my aquarium.

Ruby SharkThe ruby shark is known for its striking red fins and dark body, making it a standout in any aquarium. It also has a fascinating behavior of “mouthing” objects in the tank, which can be both entertaining and alarming to witness.

Caring for Ruby Shark

When caring for a ruby shark, it’s important to provide adequate hiding spots in the aquarium, as well as plenty of open swimming space. They also require a diet of high-quality pellets and flakes, supplemented with live or frozen food.

Albino Ruby SharkWhile the ruby shark can be a hardy species, it is important to regularly test the water parameters and maintain proper filtration. They can be susceptible to disease if water quality is not optimal.

Ruby Shark Behavior

As mentioned earlier, the ruby shark has a unique behavior of mouthing objects in the aquarium. This is actually a way for them to explore their surroundings and ensure that everything is safe and edible. It is not usually a cause for concern, but can be alarming if the ruby shark is aggressive towards other fish or if the mouthed objects are delicate decorations.

Ruby Shark BehaviorQuestion and Answer

Q: Can ruby sharks be kept with other fish?

A: Yes, but it’s important to carefully select tankmates and monitor their behavior.

Q: How can I tell if my ruby shark is male or female?

A: Male ruby sharks tend to have more pointed fins and brighter coloration, while females may be larger and have rounder fin tips.

Q: Do ruby sharks require a large aquarium?

A: While they can tolerate smaller tanks, it’s best to provide at least a 30-gallon aquarium for a single ruby shark.

Q: What should I do if my ruby shark is displaying aggressive behavior?

A: Consider removing and rehoming the ruby shark, or moving its tankmates to a separate aquarium.

Conclusion of Ruby Shark

The ruby shark is a beautiful and captivating freshwater fish that can be a unique addition to any aquarium. While it requires specific care and attention to thrive, the effort is well worth it to watch this active and colorful fish explore its surroundings. With careful tankmate selection and proper maintenance, your ruby shark can live a healthy and fulfilling life in captivity.

Fish Profile - Ruby Shark

Fish profile - Ruby Shark
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Shark Ruby (Mojojoj) : RWBY

Shark Ruby (Mojojoj) : RWBY
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Albino Ruby Shark S/m - Aquatics To Your Door

Albino Ruby Shark s/m - Aquatics To Your Door
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Ruby Shark - Maidenhead Aquatics

Ruby Shark - Maidenhead Aquatics
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Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos Frenatum) | My World Of Planted

Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum) | My World of Planted
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